Meet Our Support Staff

Veterinary Technicians

Our support staff is a dedicated and talented team. The technicians and assistants at Southeast Alaska Animal Medical Center are highly skilled. We draw blood, take dental and full body x-rays, perform lab tests, sterilize instruments and monitor anesthesia amongst other medical tasks. Always at the ready to support our veterinarians, we provide much of the hands on care your pet receives while hospitalized. For us, patient care is why we entered this field. We can also provide services like nail trims, nutritional counseling, whelping support and fluid therapy.

From L to R: Alicia, LVT, Fischer, Melissa, LVT, Shawna

Licensed Veterinary Technician, Alicia, draws blood on labrador mix, Gracie.

Fischer sterilizing surgical packs.

Medical Receptionists

The medical reception team at Southeast Alaska Animal Medical Center strives to make your visits to our hospital the best possible. Receptionists will help you schedule appointments, answer medical questions and can even help you renew your city canine license. We will ensure that your pharmacy refills are available on the same day that they are requested. We can also prep your medical records for travel or referral within minutes of your request. When weight is a concern, come by to use our scale and a receptionist will keep up with the numbers in your chart. We strongly encourage “happy” vet visits to help your pet feel relaxed in our office. Just stop by during regular office hours for some praise and treats from our team.

Annissa maintaining client files.

Pharmacy Staff

Our in-house pharmacy ensures that you can start your pet's medication on the same day that you have your appointment. We stock a wide range of antibiotics, NSAID's, de-wormers, etc. Our staff works with Veterinarians to provide the special dosing needed by the tiniest of patients. We can also support you when your pet has prescription diet needs or chronic care support for concerns like diabetes or allergies. We work with outside pharmacies as needed, including Ron's Apothecary, when compounded medications are needed. We can also offer some tricks of the trade when your pet is reluctant to take medications.

L-R: Samiie, Fischer, Sierra, Heather

Samiie maintaining our daily schedules.

Kennel Technicians

Kennel Technicians work to make hospitalized and boarding patients comfortable and content. Kennel Staff take gos out for a walk ever two hours. We also ensure that all cats have fresh litter every time there is a visit to the box. We pride ourselves on caring for your pes like they are ours. For us, interacting with pets is the part of our job.
Shawn prepares to take "Oakley" out on a walk.